Major Lending Institution

Employees of a major financial services company rely on the FT for essential intelligence

The challenge

The European arm of a major lending institution needs to make informed decisions every day on the basis of its big picture views on economies, markets and individual companies, but also requires very specific insights in key niches.

The solution

The company’s Group Subscription to the FT helps the business to shape its macro views of the markets in which it operates, but the paper’s content also provides a starting point for internal and external conversations about strategic issues. “It’s an authoritative and independent source of information that is read by our peers and which provides a basis for people to debate,” says the Chief Strategy Officer.

The benefits

“For us, the FT is a database we depend upon for essential intelligence – lending is a complex speciality and we need an array of information about macro and political developments in the European Union and around the world,” he adds. “Then we go from macro to micro, where the FT often gives you a deep dive"

They also use their FT Group Subscription for intelligence on specific world events likely to have an impact of their industry. An example, he suggests, has been the FT's recent coverage of declining prices in the oil sector, where the company has been building an increasing presence. “Those articles have certainly been an influence on the questions I’ve been putting to our underwriting team,” he says.