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Caterpillar Caterpillar
Nestle Nestle
Linklaters Linklaters
House of Commons House of Commons
Clifford Chance Clifford Chance
The George Washington University The George Washington University is my regular source of high-quality news on policy and macro-economic developments, be it in the form of daily news, the In depth series, blogs or special reports.

Radek Majer EU official, European Court of Auditors

Premium access to the FT

FT Group Subscriptions provide premium access to the FT, so all readers receive full access to FT journalism including extra analysis and insight that they can’t find elsewhere.

Our readers tell us they value premium access because it helps shape their decision-making and gives them a competitive advantage.

The FT is one of the most reliable, concise places you can go.

Ben Page CEO, Ipsos MORI
Premium access to the FT Premium access to the FT

Fair & flexible pricing

The FT works with you to find the best pricing system for your budget, keeping things simple, transparent and fair.

With fixed pricing for one year and regular usage reports, you can adapt your subscription as the needs of your team or organisation evolve.

We’ve been delighted with the flexibility of the programme, which enables us to pay a single fee and have the FT content delivered through multiple channels.

CIO Clifford Chance LLP
Fair & flexible pricing Fair & flexible pricing

Dedicated support

Our Customer Success team help customers meet their goals or expected outcomes through using the FT.

They guide you through your FT journey with personalised training, and show you how to best deploy and integrate the FT throughout your team or organisation.

The FT’s Customer Success team has been instrumental in helping me maximise the use of They guided me around the site, and walked me through the newsletters that were available, allowing me to easily sift through the many newsletters and pick those that I wanted.

Legal Professional
Dedicated support Dedicated support

Tools for administrators

Our easy-to-use tools such as Access Manager help administrators seamlessly roll out FT access to colleagues.

The Enterprise Tools platform then provides full visibility of how the FT is being utilised across your organisation, giving you an understanding of how effectively your FT Group Subscription is being used.

With Access Manager, we can control how the service is implemented and I get a transparent view of how the service is being used.

Karen Gray Head of Information Resources, Gowling WLG
Tools for administrators Tools for administrators

Workflow integration

With a Group Subscription you pay once for access to the FT across multiple platforms, including third party news aggregators and media monitors.

Our aim is to help you increase productivity by delivering valuable, relevant business intelligence when you need it, using the platforms best suited to your team or organisation.

FT content can now be promoted outside of the traditional delivery methods, so we can distribute content that is most relevant to our internal sector teams.

Sian May Information Officer supporting Financial and Corporate, DWF LLP
Workflow integration Workflow integration

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