How to create your account

How to sign up for your free account

Anyone can access from within the school network, without logging in. If teachers and sixth formers would like to benefit from remote access and from a weekly email highlighting FT articles that are relevant to the curriculum, then please ask them to follow these simple steps:

1. Create an account by visiting the unique signup page we sent you after you first registered your interest. If you have misplaced your signup URL please contact us.
2. After you've created an account, login at with your school email address and password.
3. You now have free standard access to and will start receiving a weekly email containing content curated by the FT’s editorial team and relevant to the curriculum.

Spread the word

You may publish the details above on the school intranet or in the school library (but not for the general public). To help you spread the word within the school we’ve also created a poster which you can print and distribute. Download in A3 or A4.

Please note that the blank space in the poster is for you to add in details of who to contact or where to find the information on your intranet.

Get started with

To read more on how to get the best out of the FT, download our free guide or explore online. You can also go to our dedicated schools page to read a selection of recommended content.

Also, for when you're out and about, the FT now has an iOS app, which you can download from the app store.