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Preparing for life after school

Free access to can help students be informed and confident on issues beyond the basic requirements of the curriculum. Universities and employers confirm that broader general knowledge helps the best candidates stand out.

With the help of a panel of teachers, we highlight and guide readers to FT journalism that can enrich senior school education and help prepare students for successful careers.

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About FT for Schools

Message from our partner, MUFG

We believe it is incredibly important to equip the next generation of young people with the skills and knowledge required to gain and sustain employment, generate wealth, and create jobs. One of MUFG’s core principles aims to deliver targeted financial education to young people, and this initiative will enable us to reach a much wider group.
Saiko Nanri, Managing Director, Head of Corporate Communications Division, MUFG Bank

Free access to for 16-19 year old students and their teachers.

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