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With over 600 journalists from 53 global locations specialising in providing authoritative news, coverage of global markets, expert in-depth analysis and a range of special reports, we have content to meet your needs.

Whether you need it in print or digital, a Financial Times republishing licence offers you trusted, international journalism to complement your own editorial and content strategies so you can engage your existing readers and reach out to new audiences.

How the Financial Times can help your organisation

Award winning content to inspire thinking and provide valuable intelligence

The Financial Times’ Republishing service offers news, videos, analysis in print and online to both local and global publications and organisations worldwide to help them change brand perception, shape opinion and outshine competitors.


Corporate republishing

Enhance your position as a thought- leader, improve brand awareness and build market positioning.


Media republishing

Increase coverage and exposure, encourage subscriptions and increase revenue.


One-off copyright licences

Purchase FT articles on a one-time basis for a specific purpose.

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The most important news and analysis from the
Financial Times... now in French

Le Nouvel Economiste meets readers needs and stands out with global FT content now exclusively translated in French language. Get in touch if you would like to know more or take advantage of this service.

The challenge

To provide an influential French readership with the quality global coverage they require.

The solution

Le Nouvel Economiste meets readers needs and stands out with global FT content now exclusively translated in French language.

The benefits

The publication has “strengthened their utility and reputation” with its readers, significantly increasing engagement and achieving stand-out in the French market.

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“This syndication licence permits us to differentiate ourselves in the French market and reinforce our selling points, both for our subscribers and advertisers” .

Henri Nijdam, Editor-in-Chief
A sample of the award-winning content that you will be able to republish

The essential news that will grow and engage your audience, at your fingertips

The Financial Times is the source of independent analysis with greater authority in international business, finance and politics. A Financial Times Republishing licence provides access to our premium archives of written and audio-visual content, including thought-leading comment and in-depth market analysis - flexible, trusted journalism to supplement what you offer.

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With Digital Media Africa, Financial Times Republishing supports the digital transformation of the African news industry.

Join us at the Digital Media Africa conference with international senior publishing figures, top-level publishers, editors, and digital executives to gain the latest intelligence, identify opportunities and risks and clarify uncertainties. We can also get you started on our Republishing Solutions, and answer all your questions regarding our business.

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Our goal is to help you make the most of republishing FT content by bringing expertise and best practice advice to ensure you achieve results quickly.

Here are some common questions we get asked about Republishing.

With a republishing licence you can publish Financial Times content across your digital channels, in a newspaper or in a magazine.

Licensing is all the rights and legal permissions given by a content owner to a third party. If you take out a Republishing subscription with us, there will be some terms and arrangements that go with it.

A Republishing subscription opens up our extensive archive of written and audio-visual content, so you can select and syndicate to support your services and engage new audiences. Our content covers a wide variety of categories: World News Companies and Markets Management and Education Comment and Analysis Reports and Magazines FT Weekend Video We are proud of the diversity and depth of our coverage, but whilst there is a huge amount of content available for syndication, there are limits on republishing. To discuss which content your audience wants to see, please contact us. Not all content, like that written by guest authors, can be republished.

Yes, we republish our specialist editorial content too. Contact us for more information.

Usually, yes. Read our Terms and Conditions (go to the Access and Use section) or contact us.

Generally speaking, yes. But it does depend on what content you want to publish. Contact our Republishing team for guidance - just send the article headline (or a link) and they will get back to you.

Yes, there is usually a charge. Go to our How to Buy page or contact us.

Our Republishing team will be able to help you - contact us to find out more.

More than 3,000 organisations around the world use our content - from international newspapers and business schools to private firms, government agencies and book publishers.

Our past articles and content are available at to subscribers of the FT.

We archive publications as follows:

  • – 7-year archive
  • FT press cuttings – since 1st April 2010
  • Today’s edition of the ePaper – for 3 weeks (including FT Weekend)
  • ePaper archive – since November 2005
  • For older content, we partner with Back Issue Newspapers. Please email them directly at

If you have any other questions about content syndication, contact us.

Please fill in the form below and a product specialist will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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