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The FT is internationally recognised for its 125 years of authoritative, award-winning journalism, reporting and analysis, giving businesses the information they need to make confident, informed decisions.

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With a network of over 600 journalists reporting from over 50 countries, an FT Group Subscription provides teams, departments and whole organisations around the world, with the expert insight they need to optimise business decision-making in real-time.

The Financial Times analysis can be integrated into your existing workflows and delivered through a personalised newsfeed, giving you and your teams streamlined access to the most pertinent content and a truly global perspective.

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Group Subscription Features

Unlimited Access

Get unlimited team access to for selected readers of your choice. Plus, get access to product training, complimentary support and Enterprise tools so you can optimise adoption throughout your organisation to ensure you get the most out of your group subscription.

Exclusive curated newsletters

Subscribe to curated email newsletters on a range of topics and themes, such as a Marketing Morning Briefing or Fintech, illuminated with original FT comment and analysis – delivered daily, straight to your inbox.

Content delivery tools

FT Knowledge and Administration Tools allow your organisation’s licence administrator to make relevant FT intelligence more discoverable. Save reader’s time by ensuring they are following topics most relevant to them, delivered in one place.

Headline workflow integration

Integrate your personalised FT newsfeed into your existing workflow solutions and applications. This allows you to get critical FT analysis and insights direct to your desktop, helping you save time and to be more productive.

Customised myFT app

Each user can tailor their newsfeed to the topics, industries, geographies and markets that are most critical to them, so they can cut through the noise and access the most relevant information quickly and easily. Plus, this can all be accessed anywhere and on any device via the MyFT app.

Access on third-party platforms

With access to FT journalism on 60+ news aggregators, media monitoring agencies and technology providers, each user’s personalised newsfeed can also be integrated into and access via existing third-party platforms.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does an FT Group Subscription cost?

When buying a group subscription, the price is determined by the number of people who need frequent access to the FT. We price based on usage, so you only pay for what your organisation or team uses.

You can learn more about our pricing model by watching this video.

Is the FT available on other applications or platforms?

Group subscriptions cover access across multiple platforms and technologies. Many organisations want to integrate the FT into their business processes and applications, which is why we offer the FT via 60+ third party platforms.

These include media monitoring agencies and news aggregators such as Bloomberg, Factiva, LexisNexis and Westlaw. We are working to add more partners based on customer requests – see full list of platforms.

Some customers have integrated the FT into their CRM and intranet systems. Credit Suisse for example uses the FT within its investment management system and provides recommended reading for its advisors.

What services are included within a group subscription?

The FT offers a suite of tools to help our institutional customers make better use of the FT within their organisations. Single sign on provides fast and frictionless access to FT apps, both desktop and mobile. We’ve also released a suite of tools to help customers:

  • Add and remove users on a subscription and create groups for different teams within their organisation
  • Make content recommendations, highlighting relevant FT articles to the right people. Users or teams can be automatically set up to ‘follow’ particular topics on based on their interests
  • See who’s reading the FT and how much the FT service is being used within your organisation

How is the FT deployed within organisations?

The FT customer success team works with organisations to agree a plan to drive adoption of the FT and meet defined customer outcomes. A customer plan typically includes:

  • Best practice guidance on using the FT
  • Training and enablement for administrators
  • Integration of the FT within user workflows
  • Building awareness and adoption within the organisation

The aim is to accelerate the return on your investment in the FT.

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