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The pressing skills shortage

Employers around the globe regularly highlight a lack of available skilled talent as a drag on business performance. The pressing skills shortage is exacerbated by an ever more complex and changing business environment, which leaves formal learning courses and curricula struggling to keep up.

Business acumen or commercial awareness has become a critical factor in the success of individuals and organisations, but it’s often a capability most in need of development.

How the FT can help

The Financial Times is a proven learning resource within graduate or induction programmes and we have proven to support graduates with the below:

  • Market awareness: an in-depth knowledge of the industry and markets in which the business or client’s business operates.
  • Strategic perspective: the ability to take a ‘big picture’ view of the business, its strategic objectives and the connections between customers, suppliers and competitors.
  • Financial understanding: an understanding of the financial flow of the business, performance metrics and the commercial pressures facing a business or industry
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The FT’s commentators bring together developments from different markets and financial disciplines to highlight emerging Trends or issues - before they become mainstream.

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