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For senior management

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For senior management

70% of FT readers are senior decision makers or C-suite

  • Stay abreast of global economic and market trends that will impact your business
  • Formulate the big picture and shape your long and short term business strategy
  • Identify emerging risks and new business opportunities

For PR/communications

For PR/communications

Over 90% of the top global 30 PR firms use an FT Group Subscription

  • Provide tailored and trusted advice for internal stakeholders, customers and prospects on current press coverage
  • Keep ahead of coverage on your owncompany, markets and competitors to identify opportunities and mitigate risk quickly
  • If required, republish some of our key FT content to attract and retain more of your prospects and customers with quality journalism.
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For client facing/
advisory professionals

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For client facing/advisory professionals

80% advisers agree that the FT helps them become more commercially aware

  • Anticipate risks and identify lead generation opportunities
  • Stay well informed and better understand market impact on prospects 
and clients
  • Become a trusted adviser and build stronger relationships

For learning &

For learning & development/HR

84% L&D Clients agree that the FT helps them become commercially aware

  • Provide continuous learning and sharper business acumen skills
  • Help employees better understand finance, markets & business impact
  • Complement technical specialist expertise with a broader 
commercial skill sets
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For knowledge managers

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For knowledge managers

94% of Knowledge Managers are highly likely to recommend the FT

  • Supply relevant information to colleagues quickly and efficiently with our knowledge and administration tool (KAT)
  • Become a more informed and highly valued information provider within your organisation
  • Save time accessing information through your workflow & 60+ channels

For financial services

For financial services professionals

75% of the Top 20 global full-service investment banks use an FT Group Subscription

  • Unlock key, actionable intelligence and integrate FT content into into your internal workflows, from CRM and intranets, to market abuse monitoring systems.
  • Get alerted immediately to original news likely to impact investments or portfolios
  • Understand the context of why the global financial markets are moving
  • Make trading decisions based on emerging investment opportunities and risks
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