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Data from Zazzle Media National Survey of corporate marketeers in 2017

Creating and publishing effective content is our life-blood. We know what works.

Did you know that the FT is not just a news and market intelligence provider for its own readers, but is a key content marketing partner?

A 130-year heritage, with more paid-for readers than ever before, 2 million readers every day and 48 awards in 2017 alone, the FT is a world-leader in the publishing world.

Access 7 top tips from the FT

Made for Financial Services and Professional Services

By leveraging the expertise of key journalists and audience engagement teams, you can apply this to your own effective content marketing strategy and plans.

Over 4,000 organisations access the FT and 250 key partners rely on the FT to boost its content marketing efforts around planning and publishing.

Whether you’re in Financial Services, Professional Services or a corporate organisation, you can garner key insights- and act upon them today, on how best to start, plan and execute.

Access 7 top tips from the FT

Before we partnered with the FT, we had very little content we could distribute. This has been a great way to fill a gap in our marketing, not only to our clients but to new prospects too. The Financial Times now provides a third of our total content.

David Gilmour, Online Marketing Manager, Qtrade