Royalty Free Republishing for Education

The Financial Times is inviting applications from any accredited school or University, worldwide, to apply for royalty free rights to republish the text of FT articles as part of new learning resources in print and digital media.

The purpose of the licence is to encourage the creation of new learning resources that use FT articles to add valuable context to educational documents and services designed to explain and increase understanding of any business, economic or social issues.

In this initial phase, the FT will grant rights to twenty schools or Universities, as creators and publishers of learning resources. The twenty licensees will be selected from those schools or Universities that apply for a licence and on the quality of their submissions.


Summary of main conditions of republishing

  • The licence will allow the republisher to select up to 1,000 FT articles from a database of 100,000 articles with rights cleared for republishing.
  • The articles become available for royalty free reuse 30 days after their original FT publication date. The articles have to be used as part of a larger, original work in which the FT articles make up no more than 50% of the whole.
  • The articles cannot simply be republished in isolation or housed in a database for retrieval. This is in keeping with the purpose of the licence, which is to encourage the creation of new resources, rather than the redistribution of FT articles without any additional educational value.
  • Publishers of the learning resources have to attribute the articles to the FT either by using a template provided by the Financial Times or according to the FT’s attribution instructions.

Option of using the FT logo for attribution purposes

  • The new learning resources will be the responsibility of the republisher and must carry the name and branding of the republisher as the primary identity.
  • The learning resources will not be edited or reviewed by the Financial Times, so the FT identity can only be used for attributing the FT articles.
  • The licence grants royalty free rights to use a specific FT attribution logo which allows the publisher to indicate that the learning resources include articles republished from the Financial Times.

Additional options

  • The learning resources that are created using FT articles can be republished and used by the school independently of the FT and without payment of any royalties.
  • The publisher may also provide the learning resources to the FT for publication and use on FT platforms, but there are no obligations on the publisher or the FT to do so.