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Qtrade Top rated Canadian online brokerage firm, Qtrade Investor, republishes FT content to generate demand

Helping Canadian investors achieve their goals

Qtrade is a Canadian online brokerage firm that aims to help self-directed investors to achieve their financial goals. Its trading platforms, tools and resources help investors to take advantage of market opportunities quickly and make well-informed decisions.

Regularly ranked top of Canada’s online brokers for the past decade, Qtrade is used by tens of thousands of Canadians for their online investing. Many of them trade in the US market.

The need for quality content

Online investing is a competitive field. Winning and keeping customers is a constant challenge, even for a firm of Qtrade’s renown. Investors look not only for ease of use, low costs and excellent service, but also for information and guidance that will help them make their investment decisions.

To meet this need, Qtrade requires a continual supply of content that’s high-quality, relevant, and above all accurate. As Online Marketing Manager David Gilmour explains, “Our priority is to give individual investors a first-class experience, in order to attract new clients and retain our current ones. So when we looked for a source of quality content, the Financial Times was top of the list. We also felt it had a good brand presence and a higher net worth audience."

Before we partnered with the FT, we had very little content we could distribute. This has been a great way to fill a gap in our marketing, not only to our clients but to new prospects too. The Financial Times now provides a third of our total content.

David Gilmour Online Marketing Manager, Qtrade

The FT is recognised worldwide as a trusted source of independent intelligence on world affairs, business, finance and politics. In particular, its specialist financial expertise and global coverage makes it a valuable partner for financial companies. With over 600 journalists based in over 50 countries, the FT can deliver content that’s both relevant and reliable – a vital point for a firm whose customers trust it with their money.

The FT’s range of content includes global news, information on companies and markets, comment and analysis, special reports and up to 90 new videos a month.

70% of the top 100 asset management firms use FT content to grow their business. By becoming one of them, Qtrade would have a constant source of accurate, reliable, globally-relevant content.

Engaging global readers

As a republishing customer, Qtrade can choose from relevant FT content that includes news, features, analysis, videos and podcasts. They can search and download content via the FT’s republishing platform, and their licence gives them a number of options including republishing rights, translation rights and a choice of media formats.

The content we tend to syndicate most is the FT’s coverage of global markets, commodities and product trends,” says David Gilmour. “The China section is also valuable, especially when it analyses the effects on the US market.” Qtrade uses FT content to market itself to new prospects as well as current clients. A particularly successful channel for them is email, where they feature FT content in their monthly mailings.

Building business and building trust

Republishing FT content allows Qtrade to:

  • Gain a competitive edge by attracting and retaining high net worth investors
  • Meet customer demand for accurate information and informed analysis
  • Make cost and time savings by using an external source
  • Align with the trusted FT brand, renowned worldwide for authority, accuracy and integrity

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