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Clyde & Co Leading law firm uses FT Integration Solutions to boost productivity and save time

Success story

Clyde & Co is a global law firm providing legal services to clients in more than ten sectors including insurance, transportation and infrastructure. Grouped by practice area, team or as individuals, stakeholders are sent daily emails grouping together relevant news articles selected by the information team.

The challenge for the information team was the time-consuming task of aggregating and cross checking 200+ different topics against content. Identifying and distributing relevant content was taking several hours each day and the information team were losing significant time that could have been spent more efficiently.

FT worked in collaboration to pioneer an API headline service, as part of their Integration Solutions. This enabled the information team to create saved searches based on their areas of interest and expertise. Through the implementation of this bespoke API, the team is now notified when there is content matching their criteria, and have an easy mechanism to transfer this into email and various other formats.

Goals of the API

  • To streamline the information process for Clyde & Co's legal information team;
  • Reduce time needed to gather, select, and disseminate relevant information;
  • Rapid delivery of relevant, high quality content to more than 1,000 internal stakeholders in over 30 offices.


  • Increased productivity of information team by an average of 32% through automating the relevant content search and thus eliminating the need for manual seeking out of relevant information;
  • Delivered an efficient way to transfer relevant headline, teaser text and links into emails and other formats used for informing and notifying stakeholders;
  • Improved the quality, quantity and relevance of information delivered by the information team and thus built recognition, rapport and trust between information professionals and their stakeholders.

FT Integrated Solutions allow you to better exploit and monetise the value of FT intelligence, by ensuring the right information gets to those who need it, in the right place and at the right time.

For more information about how you can integrate FT journalism into your business applications, please get in touch.

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