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Sumitomo Corporation Global Research Co. Ltd. Sumitomo Corporation Global Research Co. Ltd. uses the FT as its critical intelligence engine

The challenge

Sumitomo Corporation Global Research Co. Ltd is Sumitomo Corporation Group’s in-house think tank. It needed to ensure the right information flowed through Sumitomo’s internal teams, in the right way, to safeguard the success of the group’s current and new business initiatives.

The solution

Anton Goroshnikov, a Senior Analyst in the International Analysis Dept in Tokyo, uses the FT every day, to assess new business opportunities and spot potential risks. Critical insights are gleaned from the FT and shared with the wider company.

The benefits

The FT’s news, insight and analysis help teams identify new business opportunities, ensuring senior leaders and other staff are expertly informed. It’s also improving decision-making, and increasing the group’s competitive advantage.

I start my day with the FT. I download the ePaper before I leave the house so I can read it during my commute. For me, the FT’s key differentiator is that it helps me to understand the implications of global issues on other markets.

Anton Goroshnikov Russia Analyst, Sumitomo Corporation Global Research

A trading giant, fuelled by the latest thinking

Sumitomo Corporation Group is one of the world’s largest general trading companies. It houses its own think tank: Sumitomo Corporation Global Research Co. Ltd. (or SCGR, as it is called inside the Group). Founded in the early 2000s, it’s tasked with supporting the wider business with insights, ideas and strategies. As SCGR’s President and CEO, Kiyoshi Sunobe, says, the in-house think tank must “Be a catalyst to increase the flow of information.”

Enhancing the internal ecosystem

Teams and individuals across Sumitomo must collaborate to identify and pursue new business opportunities or identify the risks for current business activities. In such a large corporation, this is no easy task. Knowledge management is deemed integral to the company’s ecosystem and Sumitomo is continuously seeking new ways to ensure the right news and thinking reaches relevant internal stakeholders.

With this in mind, the group needed a way to ensure diverse project teams had access to the latest news, insight and analysis, and were notified about key market risks and opportunities in a timely manner.

A champion for intelligence

Anton Goroshnikov, a Senior Analyst in the International Analysis Dept in Tokyo, has been using the FT in both his day-to-day and high level strategic work at Sumitomo. Being a native Russian speaker Goroshnikov tracks market advancements across Russia and former Soviet blocs by following a selection of the FT’s Russia and Europe correspondents. He began reading the FT six years ago and it’s been integral to his professional life ever since. On a typical day, Goroshnikov says he’ll begin by reading a download of the ePaper, alongside the local Russian newspapers and specialist risk group publications.

Goroshnikov reports that the FT is invaluable, as it helps him understand the implications of news and developments, allowing him to quickly and clearly see a ‘snap shot’ of today, as well as the ‘big picture’ of tomorrow. This insight is vital, enabling him to share robust, rigorous insights with the wider business and to provide strategic recommendations.

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Enhancing the group, with trusted insights

Goroshnikov has become an advocate for the FT’s content and services. He consistently uses the FT to make teams and individuals across Sumitomo aware of market activity, new business opportunities and potential risks.

Together with the rest of the think tank, Goroshnikov focuses on four key areas of expertise:

  • International analysis
  • Economic analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Business strategy analysis

Goroshnikov regularly reports into the wider Sumitomo business, providing country and industry risk research, as well as landmark and daily briefings, drawing on up- to-date FT intelligence.

In particular, he prepares daily briefings and reports for senior management and commercial business departments, on pressing topics for Russia and former Soviet blocs countries. In each case, he emphasises the implications for the business, saving his colleagues’ time and ensuring they stay well informed. Goroshnikov says it’s the FT’s focus on analysis and actionable insight that makes it possible for him to share the highest quality information on a daily and weekly basis.

Goroshnikov also uses the FT to make the most of business trips, reading up on the latest regional developments and networking with local correspondents. He benefits from the FT’s innovation too, using the economic calendar to prepare briefings and listening to audio versions of articles on-the-go. He also incorporates the FT’s infographics into internal briefings, saying they help him tell a clear, compelling story, boosting audience engagement and recall.

There are a number of journalists he particularly follows: Lionel Barber (for Editor’s choice), John Authers (for markets news), Gillian Tett (for coverage of a wide range of economic, financial, political and social issues), Nick Butler (for London energy and business news), and Leo Lewis (Japanese market insights). Goroshnikov also reads the FT Weekend for up-to-date cultural awareness and curates his reading list based on the FT’s Best business books.

Goroshnikov says he receives regular feedback about the positive impact his use of FT content is having on Sumitomo. He frequently receives requests for additional or specific FT information from stakeholders across the business. He also tracks likes, page views and downloads on reports and briefings he posts to Sumitomo’s internal website.

Driving engagement with visual data

Committed to championing FT adoption across Sumitomo, Goroshnikov is currently exploring ways of using FT’s charts and infographics to engage stakeholders within his organisation. Such resources have the potential to help teams make informed decisions, fast.

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