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Clifford Chance Magic circle firm uses the Financial Times to grow its business

The challenge

With clients on every continent, the Tech Group at law firm Clifford Chance need to stay informed of news on both a local and global level, so they can provide timely strategic advice to clients.

The solution

An FT Group Subscription provides Clifford Chance with enterprise-wide access to premium intelligence, as well as the business tools to remain informed of key issues impacting clients, at the right moment in time.

The benefits

With a more in-depth understanding of the issues impacting their clients’ industries, lawyers from the firm’s Tech Group can give their clients better advice - helping Clifford Chance to stand out from competitors, attract and retain more clients.

The FT is perfect for helping us refer to technology from a global perspective, establishing and connecting dots between regions.

Jonathan Kewley Co-Head, Clifford Chance Tech Group

A leading law firm with a global perspective

Clifford Chance is a global law firm operating in 26 countries with 3,300 employees headquartered in London. It’s a member of the ‘magic-circle’ of leading British law firms.

The firm’s Tech Group, with Jonathan Kewley as its Co-Head, is a team of 400 lawyers. Focusing on technology issues across areas from data and finance to corporate and litigation, they have clients in a wide range of sectors including financial services, private equity, internet, telecoms, media, oil and gas, retail and automotive.

The need for global insight

The Clifford Chance Tech Group works with clients on every continent. “One of our USPs is our global offering with cross-border relationships,” explains Jonathan Kewley. “So having an international team and coverage across every region is critical.”

In this fast-moving sector, almost every development crosses borders and boundaries to produce global ramifications - whether that development be a new risk, a new product or a new regulation. As a result, clients depend on having the most up-to-date, relevant and timely advice. To provide this advice and help client companies thrive, the Clifford Chance Tech team needs insights into new and emerging developments.

“Second to none” global content

With almost 600 journalists in over 50 countries worldwide, the FT delivers an expert global perspective on business, finance and politics. Recent editorial changes make the FT’s award-winning technology coverage even more valuable to readers. FT Editor Lionel Barber explains, “The FT’s first vertical team will boost the FT’s market-leading coverage of technology companies, and broaden reporting on innovation in areas like fintech, AI, cybersecurity, transportation and healthcare. It will explore the intersection of tech and politics, helping readers understand the enormous and increasing impact of technology on finance, markets and society.”

“It’s perfect for helping us refer to technology from a global perspective, establishing and connecting dots between regions,” says Jonathan. “I like the way the FT prioritises technology. It has a whole section on the website and it’s often on the homepage too. It doesn’t just focus on Silicon Valley tech - it talks about technology transformation, looking at the tech implications for every business in areas from blockchain to retail to AI.”

Clifford Chance
Clifford Chance
Clifford Chance
Clifford Chance
Clifford Chance

The FT delivers the full picture

Jonathan Kewley and his team use FT content to make sure they’re aware of developments as they happen. “The speed of reporting is impressive, so the speed at which we pick on themes such as AI, regulation, cyber risks etc is second to none,” explains Jonathan. “FT journalists and reporters are at the frontline of these discussions, quick to spot any trends and topics that must be addressed.”

The FT also guides their decision-making. “I review it 10 times a day,” says Jonathan. “For me it’s intellectually very interesting, as well as professionally useful. I use it as a steer for driving strategic direction as it gives me a keen sense of the next challenges facing businesses in this space. We want to make sure the companies we work with are as successful as possible.”

Jonathan says the team also values the independence and integrity of the FT’s reporting. “It’s important that as lawyers we’re open-minded,” he explains. “For example, I read Alphaville and it’s fascinating to read what the correspondents talk about related to the technology scene - it offers a distinctive, strong voice without bias.”

How an FT enterprise licence helps

While each department across Clifford Chance utilises the FT differently to fulfill their unique needs, its value as a business tool is acknowledged firm- wide. Enterprise-wide access means that each team is equipped with a common source of accurate, independent and reliable market information. Using the same knowledge base, the team can develop its business acumen to provide sound, informed advice to clients.

The FT’s customer success managers ensure each team gets highly relevant content that’s tailored to their clients, areas of interest and regional focus.

Other advantages of a Group Subscription include:

  • Volume discounts and flexible pricing. Unlimited digital access across multiple platforms, paying only for users who need frequent access.
  • Workflow integration. Access the FT within existing workflows or platforms, as well as via over 60 news aggregators.
  • Speed and convenience. A range of services help both readers and administrators, including Single Sign On, Enterprise Tools and access to usage data.
  • Dedicated support. The FT’s Customer Success teams offer bespoke support and training, and advise customers on how to get the most value from their licence.

Clifford Chance also uses its FT Group Subscription to train and inform junior staff. “We have a culture of learning and thought leadership,” confirms Jonathan. “The FT is a great tool and should be available to all, not exclusively to senior people.”

With a strong grasp of the issues facing their clients - wherever they are in the world - the Clifford Chance Tech Group can provide a standard of advice that enhances their own USP, resulting in more satisfied clients and long-lasting relationships.

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An FT Group Subscription extracts the intelligence that’s relevant to your business and delivers it via the media and technologies that suit you best, saving you time and keeping you informed on what matters.

Request a free trial today and see how our award-winning journalism, from 600 journalists across the globe, can help you and your team make informed decisions and reach your goals faster.

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