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Asian Development Bank An FT Group Subscription helps the Asian Development Bank make astute investment decisions

The challenge

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) provides capital for productive investments in developing member countries in Asia. The first vital step is a thorough risk assessment before any capital is released, so therefore it’s critical for the ADB’s Risk Assessment team to be reliably informed about, and remain on top of, current and trending credit, market and operational risks.

The solution

Because making informed decisions on emerging and growing markets is so important, the ADB acquired an FT Group Subscription for its international staff. This way they can have daily access to the latest news and developments.

The benefits

An FT Group Subscription provides staff with articles relevant to the issues they’re working on. Access from smartphones and tablets allows them to brush up on their knowledge while they’re out of the office, freeing up their working-hours and boosting productivity.

FT is very data-driven and drives interesting points on what’s happening to companies and markets. It frames my investment appraisals and is a window into the environment.

Haroun Ahmed Khawaja Senior Risk Management Specialist, Asian Development Bank

A robust risk management culture

The ADB’s goal is to foster economic growth and cooperation in one of the world’s poorest regions. It provid loans, grants, technical assistance and equity investments for infrastructure projects such as energy, water, transport and urban development. The ADB’s remit also includes agriculture, education, climate change and disaster risk management, health, social development and poverty projects, and PPPs.

Senior Risk Management Specialist, Haroun Ahmed Khawaja, supports of the Head of the Office of Risk Management, who sits on the investment committee board of the ADB. The risk management department is responsible for investment appraisal - identifying, measuring, monitoring and managing all credit, market and operational risks.

Maintaining and curating a current knowledge of best practices

It is essential for Haroun Ahmed Khawaja to ensure that his team sustains their knowledge of emerging best practices in risk management. He conducts risk-training, promotes a risk culture at the ADB and safeguards their on-going learning.

Haroun Ahmed Khawaja and his team also identify and monitor risks in Treasury, investment and funding portfolios.

Everything must be conducted with a thorough, up-to- date knowledge of current and trending credit, market and operational risks.

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Standing on the front line of new investments

With a need to stay abreast of the marketplace, company operations and new product launches Haroun Ahmed Khawaja turns to the FT to find out where equity markets, debt markets and interest rates are leading and trending. Access provides ADB staff a very good macroview of the global economy, also moulding what the global imperatives are on that particular day or week.

Access on-the-go

After recognising the benefits of the digital platform, ADB staff now have access to both the FT print edition and an FT Group Subscription.

An FT Group Subscription has a flexible pricing plan that includes options for engagement-based pricing, volume discounts and a one-time payment for access across multiple platforms, which was instrumental for giving ADB staff access, whenever and wherever.

Benefits for ADB staff:

  • FT’s premium market intelligence and analysis
  • Useful tools that help to drive commercial awareness
  • Guidance in making informed decisions

Reading the FT is part of my morning routine, I spend about 30 minutes reading it using the app on my smartphone and tablet. The fact I can digest it out-of-office frees up my time during working hours and allows me to get more done, armed with the knowledge I glean from the FT.

Haroun Ahmed Khawaja Senior Risk Management Specialist, Asian Development Bank

With 24/7 access, this is what enables Haroun and his team to have optimum productivity. Whether digesting the FT for breakfast or after-work consumption, it keeps them informed at the right times.

Premium insights and a one-stop shop for increased productivity

As a Group Subscriptions customer with Premium access, the ADB also has exclusive access to other enhanced features including:

  • Commentary and analysis from FT Instant Insights of the day
  • 10 additional (20 in total) gift articles a month that can be shared with anyone

“I find the FT very objective, I don’t see as much bias as I see in other sources. It’s a great one-stop shop that has the brevity (such as in the daily briefings), and the depth (the Big Read), that helps my team be a lot more productive,” says Haroun Ahmed Khawaja.

An FT Group Subscription extracts the intelligence that’s relevant to your business and delivers it via the media and technologies that suit you best, saving you time and keeping you informed on what matters.

Request a free trial today and see how our award-winning journalism, from 600 journalists across the globe, can help you and your team make informed decisions and reach your goals faster.

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