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Schneider Electric Schneider Electric’s global team uses the FT to anticipate and analyse industry trends

The challenge

The teams at Schneider Electric require an effective way to anticipate trends that have the potential to impact the markets they operate in.

The solution

Schneider Electric offers its extended Leadership Team access to to help overcome information gaps and remain informed about the latest industry news and developments.

The benefits

The FT provides trusted, global insights into trends and developments allowing them to quickly identify industry trends and capitalise on new opportunities more effectively.

I turn to the FT for its reliability, efficiency and agility. The FT gives me a heads up on important news stories, gives me an overview of potential future impacts and because of that it strengthens my ability to deliver and warn different stakeholders.

Klaids Lafron de Ribeyrolles Vice President for Indirect Procurement, Schneider Electric

Driving efficiency and sustainability with energy and automation digital solutions

Schneider Electric is a multinational, Fortune Global 500 company providing energy management services and automation solutions to its varied client base. The company helps its clients to integrate processes and energy technologies into their businesses whilst also aiming to help clients capitalise on efficiency and sustainability opportunities.

Solutions range from energy management including medium voltage and grid automation, secure power distribution and cooling applications. In conjunction with this Schneider Electric’s services offer global field services, sustainability services and smart grid services.

The FT is a critical resource of information for business units at Schneider Electric. With access to, teams can use the FT’s in-depth analysis to reduce any knowledge gaps and stay up to date with latest industry trends in energy and connected sectors.

Understanding trends at a granular level

Klaids Lafon de Ribeyrolles is vice president for Indirect Procurement based in Schneider Electric’s French headquarters. His role includes overseeing all the procurement activities linking to the operation of Schneider Electric, by sourcing goods and services to ensure the company can operate. As well as logistics, Klaids also needs to communicate external news developments to stakeholders.

In conjunction with these responsibilities, Klaids administrates the company’s FT Group Subscription. He monitors Schneider Electric’s usage of its subscription and ensures it’s being used to its full potential.

FT Enterprise Tools helps me understand who is using the subscription and how they’re using it. It’s very easy to use and has all the statistics to see how much content is being consumed by different business units.

Klaids Lafron de Ribeyrolles Vice President for Indirect Procurement, Schneider Electric

It's important that Klaids can identify external industry trends and developments, as well as communicate them to stakeholders across the company.

“Access to the FT helps us understand new market situations and with the data the FT provides, we can dive into information at a very granular level,” he explains. “So by having that specific insight we get a better understanding of how the market is behaving, trends to watch out for and what we need to do to anticipate them.”

The FT’s analysis of markets data, company information and trends helps Schneider Electric connect the dots and understand the implications of external industry developments on its stakeholders and client base.

Quickly navigate through the most relevant topics with myFT

By using tools such as myFT, the teams at Schneider Electric can manage and filter the information and news coverage most important to them in their different roles. “With the functionality of myFT, I can target specific markets, companies and regions,” Klaids explains. “It gives us a lot of information to digest.”

Klaid’s colleague, KL Koay is vice president of procurement, international region. Similarly to Klaids, KL uses the FT for accessing a wide scope of global news, whilst also drilling down into relevant topics through myFT.

“MyFT is a very nifty feature. It’s useful to help me narrow down specific topics that might be otherwise difficult to find and target,” KL explains. “MyFT helps me focus on different news feeds and areas that I’m primarily interested in.”

Alongside Klaids and KL, Martin Setiawan is Schneider Electric’s industrial vice president for Indonesia. “It’s useful to me as I can get straight to the point of the story and find exactly what I’m looking for,” Martin explains. “With the FT I can do exactly that, as well as the information being clear and efficient.”

Martin adds that whilst it's important to receive a broad range of news, the teams at Schneider Electric also benefit from analysing stories at a granular level. “I need to understand any new market trends and what is happening in the economy and around sustainability.” Martin explains. “The FT is a good benchmark for me and helps me drill down into these specific topics.”

By using myFT subscribers can quickly navigate through topics and align the most important ones to their interests. Once myFT is set up, subscribers save time searching and receive articles related to the specific topics they follow.

Klaids and the wider team also benefit from the different FT newsletters available to them. “I receive the Markets Morning Briefing and it's a useful short summary of the market trends,” he adds. “Whether that’s looking at currencies, oil, or commodities, it gets me up to speed with the markets for the day ahead.”

An FT Group Subscription provides everyone in the company with premium access to all FT newsletters ensuring curated insights are delivered straight to their inboxes. Subscribers can access a selection of over 40 curated email newsletters on a range of topics.

Newsletters range from keeping up to date on M&A with Due Diligence, tracking technology trends with #techFT, reviewing the week’s must-read energy news with Energy Source and beyond.

These topical newsletters are curated by FT editors and help subscribers remain attune to developing trends and news impacting their industry and clients.

An FT Group Subscription extracts the intelligence that’s relevant to your business and delivers it via the media and technologies that suit you best, saving you time and keeping you informed on what matters.

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