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The FT’s Year in Review 2022

Over the past year, the FT has continued its commitment to provide subscribers the credible journalism they need for informed decision-making. From launching new communities and tools, to expanding editorial coverage in the US, here is our roundup of highlights from 2022.

Award-winning reporting on the big issues

During periods of political and economic uncertainty, businesses look to the FT for up-to-date market information. Subscribers have relied on FT journalists for insightful reporting and deep analysis on the year’s biggest stories.

War in Ukraine

In uncertain times, readers look to the FT for insight and accuracy. FT journalists have reported the war in Ukraine thoroughly and expertly, with coverage including engaging visual analysis, and the detailed invasion map.

The FT helps me draft informed responses to constituents on current issues in the Middle East and Ukraine.

Ben BradshawMP in the House of Commons
Global economic downturn

As the global economic downturn and market turbulence has gathered pace, analysis from FT commentators and newsletters such as Unhedged, has been the best guide to the unfolding risks and impact.


Tensions with the US over Taiwan, the economic damage caused by a zero-Covid stance, as well as a property meltdown have all been reported on robustly by FT journalists. The FT is the go-to for readers wanting a better understanding of China’s policy challenges.

Digital finance

The digital asset industry continues to shake up mainstream finance. Thoughtful coverage on of cryptofinance-related tech, financing, corporate acquisitions, as well as regulation provides the clarity that investors and businesses need.


Executives, policy makers and financiers can no longer afford to ignore the fast-growing sustainability movement. The FT has stirred heated debate in this area, and also brought the climate change challenge to life for readers in innovative new formats.

Some of our biggest scoops and exclusives

The FT is home to over 700 journalists across 50 countries. The reputation of the FT for integrity and accurate reporting means it has unique access to stories and sources, often resulting in the FT being first to surface scoops and exclusive content.

Here are a few of FT's top-read scoops from 2022:

The FT has a UK-centric heart, but a global mind. It highlights real headlines that actually mean something, allowing readers to gain an international perspective.

Martin McGurkHead of Operations & Impact, Innovate UK

New editorial content, expanded coverage

The FT’s tailored email briefings help readers access relevant market intelligence more easily. Over the past year, the FT has launched a number of new newsletters that deliver curated content directly to inboxes.

ESG Investing
ESG Investing
ESG Investing
ESG Investing
ESG Investing

  • Cryptofinance
    We launched a new hub and weekly newsletter devoted to shining a light on the digital asset industry. Cryptofinance provides insightful and trustworthy intelligence on the crypto market as well as the broader digital finance industry.
  • Full Disclosure
    This premium newsletter covers global legal news, including developments in the courts, law enforcement, and the practice of law.
  • Working It
    Original reporting and round-ups of the best FT content on management, leadership and working life, delivered every Wednesday.
  • Inside Politics
    Written by associate editor and columnist Stephen Bush, Inside Politics gives readers the inside track on the most important stories and trends in British politics and policy.
  • Climate Graphic: Explained
    A new weekend newsletter that helps to cut down on that noise by providing insight and analysis into the most topical climate data of the week.

I enjoy FT newsletters and have signed up to many, for example I subscribe to Trade Secrets to learn more about trade developments and policies.

Bogdan EvtimovDirector, DWF Law LLP

A greater focus on US business and politics

Expanded editorial coverage in the US provides the FT with the right resources to report on American business, politics and society more deeply and with greater rigour.

I use the FT to pick up intelligence to help many of my US-based clients. At the firm we talk about the transatlantic opportunity, and I believe it’s real and it’s here to stay in this global world. New York and London are not that far apart.

Bob BartellPresident of Corporate Finance, Kroll
Felicia Schwartz appointed US foreign affairs correspondent

As the FT's US foreign affairs and defence correspondent based in Washington DC, Felicia Schwartz leads the FT's coverage of American foreign policy and national security. She focuses on areas such as the Pentagon, US State Department and National Security Council.

Expanded coverage of the world’s financial capital

In a newly created role as Wall Street Editor in New York, Sujeet Indap coordinates coverage on the biggest stories in American finance. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of how the financial industry of a superpower will impact their respective economies.

New professional services reporting team in New York

US accounting editor and US legal correspondent, Stephen Foley and Joe Miller are leading a new professional services reporting team in New York. Stephen's focus is the Big Four accounting firms, many of which are going through wrenching restructurings, while Joe covers the US’s biggest law firms, particularly those that dominate on Wall Street.

FT Weekend
FT correspondents: Sujeet Indap (top left), Felicia Schwartz (top right), Stephen Foley (bottom left) & Joe Miller (bottom right)
FT Weekend
FT correspondents: Sujeet Indap (top left), Felicia Schwartz (top right), Stephen Foley (bottom left) & Joe Miller (bottom right)
FT Weekend
FT correspondents: Sujeet Indap (top left), Felicia Schwartz (top right), Stephen Foley (bottom left) & Joe Miller (bottom right)
FT Weekend
FT correspondents: Sujeet Indap (top left), Felicia Schwartz (top right), Stephen Foley (bottom left) & Joe Miller (bottom right)
FT Weekend
FT correspondents: Sujeet Indap (top left), Felicia Schwartz (top right), Stephen Foley (bottom left) & Joe Miller (bottom right)

Communities and tools for business, government and education customers

Market intelligence delivered through an FT Group Subscription helps over 5000 organisations globally make better informed decisions. The FT is focused on launching innovative ways in which businesses, governments and education institutions can extract even more value from FT content.

FT for Microsoft Teams App

FT Microsoft Teams app
FT Microsoft Teams app
FT Microsoft Teams app
FT Microsoft Teams app
FT Microsoft Teams app

FT Board Director


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  • FT Group Subscriptions of any size can now benefit from the added convenience and security of logging in through SSO. We’ve also made the process of setting up SSO far more convenient for licence admins. Click here to find out more.

Enterprise Sharing

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We are committed to making our content as useful as possible to our corporate, government and education customers.

Nick FallonManaging Director, FT Enterprise & B2B

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