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The FT’s popular podcast Tech Tonic returns for its second season

Back in March of this year, the FT launched Tech Tonic, a podcast dedicated to exploring the benefits - and downfalls - of our increasingly technology driven world. Headed up by the FT’s innovation editor, John Thornhill, the podcast looked at the real world implications of tech advancement and how innovation is impacting emergency rooms, city centres and beyond.

Now, Tech Tonic has returned for a new series, diving deep into the big ideas driving tech advancement and laying out the promises and perils that come with the new technological age.

Specifically, season two will centre on our relationship with AI, promising to explore all the philosophical, ethical and technological questions along the way. As with the first season, Tech Tonic will provide listeners with analysis on the effects technological advancements have on both our present and future. There will be episodes on medical research, modern warfare, investments, and more areas of our lives that are being transformed by the power of AI.

John Thornhill quote image
John Thornhill quote image
John Thornhill quote image
John Thornhill quote image
John Thornhill quote image

Alongside host John Thornhill, listeners will gain insight from the other FT experts, including Madhumita Murgia, the FT’s european technology correspondent and global finance correspondent, Robin Wigglesworth.

The first episode of the season ‘Gamechanger’ is available to listen to here.

‘In this first episode of our five-part series on AI, the FT’s innovation editor and host John Thornhill talks to some of the biggest names in AI research including the CEO of Google's DeepMind Demis Hassabis. He explores some of the latest innovations and asks a core question: will AI live up to its promise or succumb to its pitfalls? ‘

Each episode is released fortnightly on every other Monday. You can follow and subscribe to Tech Tonic through spotify, stitcher, apple podcasts, or directly through To hear a preview of season two, and or to explore previous episodes, click here.

To find out more about the full range of podcasts produced by the FT, please click here.

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