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Jun 2016

How firms can better manage their use of information through workflow solutions


At a 32% productivity increase amongst the Information Team at Clyde & Co, the FT was able to significantly enhance productivity and efficiency levels at this leading law firm for more than 1,000 stakeholders. By working smarter with our clients, relevant content and tools are are realised and utilised in this Headline API case study. Read on to find out more. 

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Jan 2016

The top work skills in demand

15:46 in General | Education
Tags: API | Commerciality

How the FT enables ‘corporate-ready’ graduates

The political, economic and social landscape is fast-moving. And much of it is driven by technology disruption. Within the academic and education market, this has had a great number of implications from how disciplines are taught in the classroom or through distance learning; to the work skill sets and experience companies demanding from graduates.

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Dec 2015

Business school joins our list of customers to utilise proven and powerful FT API solutions


As part of our workflow integration initiatives, the FT is pleased to have delivered optimum results for another leading business school, Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS).

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Oct 2015

What is workflow integration and how can the FT Headline API help?


Most individuals and business teams can think of ‘workflow’ as the daily steps and tasks they undertake in order to complete their projects and job. Workflow integration is the process or supporting framework which aims to help improve the workflow itself, whether through processes, content and technology or a combination of all.

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