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New FT service - FT Integrated Solutions

We’ve just launched a new service - FT Integrated Solutions - which allows organisations to extract more value from FT intelligence.

FT Integrated Solutions is the only way to integrate machine processable, full-text FT content into your internal systems and workflows.

In practise this could mean simply displaying full FT articles in your CRM, or on the more advanced end of the spectrum, feeding content into a black box for automated trading.

How does it work

FT Integrated Solutions licenses access to the FT’s API for commercial purposes. With a license, you can search and receive a stream of live or archived FT content and metadata and subsequently store and process it.

As previously mentioned you’re not only getting programmatic access to FT content but our metadata too. FT metadata - essentially data about data - provides a way of discovering, identifying and classifying our content. It describes aspects of the article’s content, such as the people or organisations mentioned, as well as relationships with organisations, asset classes and themes not obvious to the article itself.

What can FT journalism be integrated into?

A defining feature of the FT’s HTTP/JSON API lies is its flexibility. Build brand new products or integrate within your existing platforms, applications or environments. The opportunities really are endless.

Our clients are already using it in a number of ways, from trading firms looking for a competitive edge, to big corporates looking to help their client relationship managers be more commercially aware.

FT Integrated Solutions allow you to better exploit and monetise the value of FT intelligence, by ensuring the right information gets to those who need it, in the right place and at the right time.

For more information about how you can integrate FT journalism into your business applications, please get in touch.

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