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Introducing Scoreboard: taking you inside the business of sport

The FT has launched a brand new sports vertical taking readers inside the business of sport. Scoreboard is a weekly newsletter delivered every Saturday morning, so the global sports business news can come to you.

What does Scoreboard cover?

Scoreboard is an analysis of the multi-billion dollar global sports industry. Positioned at the intersection of sport and business, Scoreboard gives its readers the story behind the game and uncovers the deals and business models shaping the industry. The aim is to tell you the hidden financial tales behind the game.

Why sport?

Sport is a story of global finance. Goldman Sachs has become the go-to bank for new stadium financing. Elliott Management, the aggressive US hedge fund, recently came to own AC Milan after the Chinese owners of the Italian Serie A team defaulted on its loans. Guggenheim Partners, the controversial asset manager, controls the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team as part of a broader play to merge finance, media and sports.

Sport simply is a great business story. The English Premier League is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, international cricket has been transformed by the Indian Premier League, the National Basketball Association and the National Football League are desperately trying to crack Europe and Asia for sources of growth. Star athletes are venture capitalists. Mathematicians and statisticians are reshaping sports teams and their business models. Now is the time to delve into the details, and help you stay on top.

Sport attracts the passion of millions of fans. But it has also become one of the great business stories. While fixtures have been suspended worldwide during the coronavirus pandemic, professional leagues have begun to restart and plot a recovery. Now is the time to cover this story in greater depth than ever before.

Murad AhmedSports editor

Who are the team behind Scoreboard?

Managed by a new and dedicated team of sports business reporters, who join forces with the Due Diligence team and our global network of correspondents to deepen and expand the coverage of this topic. Murad Ahmed, sports editor for the FT is heading up the team, and is excited to launch the new newsletter.

“What is the goal? To be your indispensable guide to the winners - and losers - in the multibillion-dollar global sports industry,” he says. “To give you the inside story of the billionaires and financiers, from Silicon Valley to Hong Kong, seeking undervalued sporting assets (and expensive hobbies).

"To uncover the motivations of superstar athletes such as Serena Williams and LeBron James who are becoming influential investors in their own right. To reveal the hidden statisticians, consultants and dealmakers reshaping sports teams and their business models.”

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