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How you can benefit from our pricing model

For knowledge managers and information managers, providing quality market intelligence presents its own challenges, from deciding which platforms and data sources to use to the amount organisations are willing to pay for such intelligence.

In these roles, they are under pressure to do more with less, all whilst meeting cost efficiency requirements of the business. They also need to deliver value to the rest of the organisation and demonstrate ROI. With this, there are risks to their business of relying on free, but unfiltered and unverified information. Equally, they will know the role that high quality, trusted information plays in making day-to-day business decisions, forming a robust long-term business strategy and maintaining overall business efficiency.

The rationale for most in purchasing premium information is contingent on the value customers get from it and what they pay. With customers always in mind,  the Financial Times has consistently been a leader in its pioneering subscription and paywall model that even other publishers adopted a few years back.

To continue delivering value in this manner, through feedback and research, the FT recognises that customers should only pay for what they use. No more, no less.

Why is this more beneficial to customers?

To make it straightforward and simple, we believe customers should be charged fairly.

Instead of paying a fixed price which some other publishers charge, regardless of how much consumption is across your business, our flexible pricing model can be tailored to your individual business needs, outcomes and budget.

With a group or enterprise subscription, you will only be charged for those who will need to read the FT regularly (your ‘core’ readers). For any others, who may only need occasional access to content, these readers won’t be chargeable.

This provides a simple and transparent way for customers to access FT content and retain control.

What’s more, we have a suite of tools available which allow you to add or remove users from the subscription, to make sure that those who really need it have access, and those who don’t aren’t using up your core reader allocation.

For a brief explainer of how our pricing works, watch our short video.

An FT Group Subscription extracts the intelligence that’s relevant to your business and delivers it via the media and technologies that suit you best, saving you time and keeping you informed on what matters.

For more information about how the Financial Times can help your organisation or to request a free trial, please get in touch.

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