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How the FT saves readers time

One of the challenges we hear most frequently from prospective readers is that they don’t have time to sift through the abundance of news coverage – and that they’re hungry for a source that cuts through the noise, delivering trustworthy information when they need to know it.

Subscribers value the Financial Times for just that: clear and concise reporting that keeps them informed when time is limited. When there’s only a few minutes for a skim of top industry and global headlines, readers trust the FT to provide an accurate and reliable account of key events.

More than 50% our US readers say the FT helps them be better prepared for the working day ahead, according to the FT 2017 global readership survey.

A side-by-side comparison of selected coverage by a third-party consultancy found that readers could get a clearer understanding of a news event from the FT over competing publications within a shorter amount of reading time. Our reporters cover the most pertinent facts at the beginning of articles, ensuring that even in their busiest moments subscribers come away well-informed.

And with an editorial network of 600 journalists worldwide, the FT provides relevant context to breaking developments, saving readers the time of flipping back to previous reporting.

With an FT Group Subscription, our US readers are able to stay on top of what’s happening in their industry globally without unnecessary reading time, leaving them freer to focus on actioning.

Interested in a complimentary trial for you and your team? Contact us to find out more.

How organisations save time with the FT - in their own words

We’d like you to hear how our FT Group Subscription customers have benefitted from having access to the FT. Here are the each of the ways we’ve helped them save time:

1. Comprehensive, accurate and reliable content

Amid information overload, knowledge managers at the commercial law firm Nabarro recognised that they needed a clear and comprehensive news source. “Lawyers work in a high pressure environment and they’re already overloaded with information. We needed a way to streamline the news and keep them informed on the most important and relevant matters,” said Mark Collins, Head of Knowledge at Nabarro.

The team identified the FT as the solution for two key reasons: the quality of business information and the ease of access through a firm-wide corporate license.

The FT is known for its clarity and reliability. FT articles are succinct, use plain language and make good use of tables and charts. The crucial aspect was to ensure pertinent information was readily accessible to users and the FT’s approach helped us make this possible.

Pamela WolffsohnKnowledge services manager

The outcome? According to an internal survey, 87% of users said that the FT saved them time, helping them find relevant information quickly and easily. Further, 69% of respondents said they had been in situations where they were relieved to have access to

Speaking of tables and charts: Recognising that visuals often contain the essence of a story, the FT has launched a searchable, chronological page of (complete with links to the articles that contain them). Access to this new hub is included with an FT Group Subscription. 

2. Workflow integration

As a major global institution, faced a key challenge in obtaining a global view of developments in business and finance – while ensuring only trusted and credible sources of information were used to drive the investment decisions made by its professionals. And, this solution had to fit within the bank’s in-house information portal.

Once selected, the FT worked closely with the project team at BNP Paribas to closely integrate content with user workflows and supporting technology, ensuring easy access for staff.

The flexibility of the FT’s corporate service was a major benefit for us. We were able to easily integrate the FT into our employees’ workflow. The solution provides quicker access to relevant data from the FT.

Michel BernardiniProject manager

The outcome? While each department utilises the FT differently to fulfill their unique needs, the timesaving benefit is acknowledged firm-wide. “When you consider the huge volume of documents available, the FT is a quick way to understand what’s really happening and we believe that the FT gives us a competitive edge,” Bernardini concluded.

3. Single Sign On (SSO)

As part of an FT Group Subscription, organisations can integrate (SSO) for seamless access to and FT apps using a centralised login system, allowing readers to get onto FT more quickly and with the highest level of account security. Since launching FT SSO in 2014, we’ve heard positive feedback from over 70 clients who are utilising the solution.

As an example, one of FT SSO’s many timesaving features is that it eliminates the need to remember yet another password. Once FT Group subscribers are logged into their company network they are automatically signed into their FT account, so they can instantly view content – including all personalised features – without having to enter a unique password. According to one customer from a leading private equity firm, “having the FT integrated with our Okta system makes everything so much easier. Users are able to get straight to from our Okta dashboard and no longer need to worry about yet another set of login credentials.”

An FT Group Subscription extracts the intelligence that’s relevant to your business and delivers it via the media and technologies that suit you best, saving you time and keeping you informed on what matters.

For more information about how the Financial Times can help your organisation or to request a free trial, please get in touch.

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