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How to easily and securely promote your FT Group Subscription using Access Manager

How can you promote the subscription-only resources you make available to colleagues, without adding to your workload and ensuring only the intended groups have access?

This is one of the challenges facing those who administrate subscriptions for their organisation. However, the FT provides a helpful solution for its group subscription customers. Let us introduce you to Access Manager.

Read on for our five reasons why your business should be using Access Manager for better FT Group Subscription management.

1. Easy, administration-free access

Access Manager is a tool that provides an easy way for your colleagues to access your FT Group Subscription, without assistance from a license administrator.

When a new user first visits, Access Manager recognises your company’s IP address and displays a customised company message. Following a short sign-up process, they’ll receive unlimited access to on every device. As the individual sets up their login details themselves, users receive instant access to FT content without the need to contact an admin.

FT Group Subscription using Access Manager
FT Group Subscription using Access Manager
FT Group Subscription using Access Manager
FT Group Subscription using Access Manager
FT Group Subscription using Access Manager

But what about employees who are working away from the office?

Access Manager works using your company’s IP ranges. With home working, employees might not be on those IP ranges unless using a VPN or similar. If this is the case, our Single Sign On (SSO) function is the most effective way of providing fuss-free access through your organisation’s subscription.

An optimal set-up for an FT Group Subscription will use Access Manager alongside SSO, in order to provide the best user experience.

Our SSO process is explained in more detail below.

2. Frictionless login to

Access Manager compliments our Single Sign On (SSO) offering, which allows end users to access through their existing network login details. The Access Manager messaging on alerts end users to their group subscription. Users can simply sign in with SSO via their company network details, rather than having to create a new password.

3. Customisable and secure

Make your experience your own by adding your organisation’s logo and include custom text for Access Manager messages shown to your end users. Any messaging is restricted to just your organisation’s IP ranges and only individual users with approved email domains can sign up.

Access to your subscription is always kept secure. Administrators can then easily track who has signed up through the Enterprise Tools platform.

4. Adaptable to your needs

Access Manager is flexible and can allow login requests to be directed to the right team or individual. This means if you have a limited number of available seats on your group subscription, you can still promote it but also retain control over which colleagues are able to sign up.

End users are made aware of your group subscription and know exactly who to ask about access. Licence administrators can gauge user demand based on the number of requests being received. This also helps determine the optimal subscription type that’s most suitable for your organisation.

FT Group Subscription using Access Manager
FT Group Subscription using Access Manager
FT Group Subscription using Access Manager
FT Group Subscription using Access Manager
FT Group Subscription using Access Manager

With Access Manager, we can control how the service is implemented and I get a transparent view of how the service is being used.

Karen GrayHead of Information Resources, Gowling WLG

5. Simple set-up

Your FT Customer Success Manager can provide further support and guidance from initial setup to getting you live. For more information on methods of access to, please email

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