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The FT wins News Provider of the Year for the second year in a row at the British Journalism Awards 2019

For the second year running, the Financial Times has been named News Provider of the Year at the 2019 Press Gazette British Journalism Awards.

After securing the award in 2018, the FT has built upon its foundations of high-quality journalism and scoops, reinforcing its position as a trusted source of international news, insights and analysis for organisations globally.

As the first newspaper to win in consecutive years, the FT backs up the decision of thousands of global organisations to provide FT access to their teams. This award joins our growing tally of accolades from 2019, such as our recent commendation of Most Important Business Read in the GBI Survey 2019

The British Journalism Awards was launched in 2011, and annually recognises exceptional British journalistic coverage that impacts public interest. 60 judges from across the news industry examine the some 560 entries on three criteria: revelation, journalistic rigor and public interest.

With the FT passing one million paying readers this year a year ahead of schedule, our readers have been well aware of the impartial and innovative journalism on offer daily. We were the first international newspaper in 16 years to interview Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, delivering this on the same day as an exclusive scoop on the departure of Jonny Ive from Apple, which the judges commended as “an enviable ability to secure jaw-dropping exclusives.”

And with over 4000 organisations employing the FT’s journalism throughout their businesses, the FT’s trusted insights and analysis that can affect real change have been backed by this accolade from the UK press. 

[The FT] combines consistent high quality journalism across various platforms, with an enviable ability to secure jaw-dropping exclusives.

The judges, Press Gazette British Journalism Awards2019

Success on all fronts

Alongside the News Provider of the Year award, the FT also secured a high commendation for comment journalism, as well as two prizes for technology and politics journalism respectively. Clare Dwyer Hogg’s short film A cry from the Irish border narrowly lost out for the comment journalism award, but was highly commended for its discussion on the impact of Brexit. 

For politics, the FT series on the Labour political agenda in economics, The Corbyn Revolution took top spot, honouring the work of Jim Pickard, Jonathan Ford, Robert Shrimsley, Delphine Strauss and Sebastian Payne for their “cool, calm and obsessively rigorous piece of journalism”. The judges described the series as “probably the most detailed and revealing piece ever written about the economic consequences of Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister”. 

In technology, Mehul Srivastava’s coverage of WhatsApp and the injection of Israeli spyware onto phones was awarded the technology journalism prize. “This was an incredible investigation which had global impact and was conducted at some personal risk,” the judges commented. “It led to immediate action from tech companies to make their networks more secure.”

FT journalists and reporters are at the frontline of technology discussions, quick to spot any trends and topics that must be addressed.

Jonathan KewleyCo-head, Clifford Chance Tech Group

What this means for your team

With such accolades, it demonstrates the necessity to provide the insights and analysis you and your team will need to make better business decisions. “It's imperative that our investment teams have an accurate source of global analysis and opinion,” says head of credit risk Nicholas Naidoo, at Stanlib Credit Alternatives. “The FT provides the international perspective we need to assess the potential impacts of global macro-themes and events on our local markets which ultimately help inform strategy.”

As we see with Mehul Srivastava’s expose into WhatsApp hacking, the news the FT provides offers real impact that can affect business. Ensuring you’re up to speed on the news that affects your business is vital, and providing that coverage for your team that you can tailor to your industry cannot be understated.

IEEJ has an international team of researchers and it is crucial to expose them to world class news - most of our researchers read the FT as it is important to understand what’s going on in the world.

Toyoda MasakazuChairman of The Institute of Energy Economics

With over 125 years as one of the world’s leading news and information organisations, the FT provides businesses, governments and education institutions across the globe, with award-winning journalism and tools to help them achieve their goals faster.

For more information about how the Financial Times can help your organisation or to request a free trial, please get in touch.

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