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Log in to using your network password, with FT Single Sign On (SSO)

Did you know you can use your company’s identity provider to easily and securely access

Available as part of an FT Group Subscription, your organisation can integrate FT Single Sign On (SSO) for seamless access to and FT apps using a centralised login system. This not only allows readers to conduct business faster and more efficiently, it provides the highest level of convenience and security to administrators.

Read on to learn about:

  • The key features and benefits of FT SSO
  • How to get started and implement SSO today

    What are the key features and benefits of FT SSO?

    FT SSO includes several features that will enhance account security, reduce administrative work and simplify access to 

    1. No new passwords
    Once logged into your company network,  you will also be automatically logged into your FT account, so you can instantly view content, including all of your personalised features, without having to enter your FT account password.

    “Having the FT integrated with our Okta system makes everything so much easier. Users are able to get straight to from our Okta dashboard and no longer need to worry about yet another set of login credentials.” 

    2. Enhanced security
    As users can not share their FT credentials with other users, it means there are fewer places for identities to be breached or stolen. As well, password fatigue often leads to users implementing unsecure password habits which can be extremely vulnerable to hacking. FT SSO increases security by allowing you to enforce your password policies and ensure compliance is adhered.

    3. Instant mobile access
    Once logged into your company network, you’ll have automatic, seamless access to FT global market intelligence on all of your devices. Sign in to your FT account via SSO on your mobile and tablet devices to find relevant content on the move.

    4. Reduced administrative work
    Less passwords to remember equates to less time spent administering accounts and resetting passwords, meaning administrators have more time to spend on other tasks. 

    Employees can no longer sign into their accounts when they no longer have credentials with their company, while existing users are prompted to use the service if they become inactive.

    “SSO has saved us so much time no that we no longer need to manually remove users from our license every month.” 

    5. More value for more readers
    Low barriers to entry and considerable convenience to end users, means that it is easier for people to get to the information they need quickly, so more people get value from your organisation's FT subscription as a consequence.

    6. Simple set-up
    Though set up varies slightly between ADFS and SAMLP, both routes are straightforward, taking up to 24 hours to implement. 

    Continue reading to learn how to get started and how we can help.

    How do I get started?

    We can integrate with Okta, OneLogin, ADFS, or any other provider that uses SAML, to enable readers to login to using their company network credentials. Users already authenticated to use other applications in their organisation can then also have automatic access to licence administrators can visit the FT SSO Wizard page to find all of the information needed to create your SSO connection.

    • For ADFS you will need your companies ADFS Metadata (either as a URL or a.txt file)
    • For SAML You will need your SSO sign in URL (and sign out URL if your IDP uses one) and a valid x509 certificate

    If you do not have access to this information, you will need to reach out to the member of your IT team who is responsible for SSO. 

    Visit the online portal for support with common set up challenges we hear from customers including:

    • Finding the right contact within the clients IT team to make the needed changes
    • Finding the right contact within the clients IT to provide the Identity provider information
    • Making sure that the FT and the clients systems are aligned in the format used for the identity exchange

    For further support and more information, get in touch with your FT Customer Success Manager or email They will provide support through each stage of the process - from setup to testing, to developing a “go live” plan and communicating the new service to your end users.

    Our Customer Success team is on hand to ensure you meet your goals or expected outcomes through using the FT.

    If you have any questions, are experiencing any issues with your account or difficulties accessing your content, please contact support.

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