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The FT secures 8 prizes at the Press Awards 2020

The FT has remained a steadfast platform for innovative journalism and tools throughout a turbulent period. By continuing to deliver impactful investigative stories, insights and analysis, FT subscribers have been kept informed and equipped to stay on top of breaking news and trends.

The quality of FT journalism has been acknowledged by the Press Awards 2020 with eight awards and multiple commendations. The FT was recognised across a range of categories for standout reporting, from Dan McCrum's investigation into Wirecard, to the innovative coronavirus tracker. These awards serve to highlight some of the key strengths of FT journalism. They also help to explain why more organisations than ever now look to the FT to guide them through the most pressing challenges in an ever-changing world.

Wirecard reporting: The best of investigative journalism

Throughout 2020 the FT shone a light on the payments group Wirecard and its accounting misconduct. The FT is recognised for its integrity and demonstrated this with its pursuit of the truth when guiding readers through the Wirecard scandal.

Having spent four years investigating Wirecard’s misconduct, the FT’s Dan McCrum was awarded Business and Finance Journalist of the Year. The judges praised McCrum for his “brave, resourceful and determined exposé of a global financial scandal which led to the collapse of the Wirecard house of cards.”

As well as that individual award, judges acknowledged the role of the FT's wider editorial team in bringing the Wirecard story to the surface. The FT was also awarded Investigation of the Year and Business and Finance Team of the Year for its coverage of the scandal.

With indefatigable commitment to exposing the truth and at great personal risk, McCrum delivered the Wirecard story. A remarkable piece of investigative journalism that led to the downfall of a rogue company.

Press Awards JudgesThe Press Awards 2020

In the video below Dan McCrum tells the story from his perspective and explains how the massive fraud led to the downfall of Wirecard.

Clarity through data and digital innovation

Interactive graphics and charts bring greater clarity to news stories and can make often complex topics easier to digest. With carefully curated visuals and data journalism, FT subscribers gain a different perspective of the news through its use of digital storytelling.

The FT coronavirus tracker generated huge traffic throughout 2020 as goverments and organisations came to terms with the escalating crisis. From analysing the scale of outbreaks, to tracking vaccine rollouts around the world, the tracker offered valuable insights in an engaging format. For subscribers, FT data and digital innovation has helped them make better and more informed decisions during the pandemic. The impact of the FT's coronavirus tracker led to it being awarded Digital Initiative of the Year.

John Burn-Murdoch’s work on the tracker was singled out as he was awarded Data Journalist of the Year (joint winner). “Burn-Murdoch has given readers both across the FT and Twitter the tools to fully comprehend and track the pandemic,” the judges noted. “Immersive graphics and interactives are deployed in a comprehensive yet intelligent form.”

In the video below, Burn-Murdoch examines the data on Covid-19 and the impact of the virus on global economic recovery, climate measures and the future of cities. For further pandemic updates, the FT has made key Covid-19 coverage free to read, ensuring everyone can stay informed.

Life, art and the business of fashion

FT Weekend continues to grow its devoted Saturday readership, combining global news and trusted analysis with lifestyle pieces, art and culture.

The weekend edition's life and arts coverage has offered readers a degree of escapism during difficult times. "We want to keep our subscribers informed, but we also want to do our bit to keep them entertained and stimulated," said FT editor, Roula Khalaf. "Everyone needs some distraction in times of great stress." FT Weekend Life & Arts was awarded Supplement of the Year in recognition of the "smart and enchanting" content it continued to produce over the past year.

Adding to the award success, Lauren Indvik scooped the prize for Fashion Journalist of the Year (joint winner). As fashion editor for the FT, Indvik leads on style coverage for FT Weekend and takes readers inside some of the world's biggest luxury brands. An interview with Miuccia Prada on breaking the luxury machine is just one example where Indvik provides unique access and insights from an industry heavyweight. By reporting on the fashion industry from a business perspective, Indvik's stories have proved valuable not only to fashion insiders, but also investors in the space who want to understand trends and where the sector is headed.

Offering informed insight to FT readers into the business of fashion, Indvik looks beyond fleeting trends to seek to answer what is really going on. Incredible access to industry voices and impressive writing.

Press Awards JudgesThe Press Awards 2020

Recognition for the FT’s diversity and inclusion commitment

In addition to the prizes awarded for remarkable journalism, judges also acknowledged the FT’s commitment to investing in the next generation through internships, work experience and graduate schemes. The FT's early career and future talent programmes received this year's Driving Diversity Award.

The FT's initiatives aim to remove barriers to those entering a career in journalism. A diverse newsroom brings with it diversity of thought. By investing in this area, the FT can continue to provide the different perspectives and balanced analysis required to help readers make better business decisions.

Offering a wide range of proactive and committed initiatives backed up with paid support, the FT is making real strides in establishing a legacy to remove the socio-economic barriers for those entering journalism. These programmes offer opportunities for young people and otherwise underrepresented communities to have their voices heard in newsrooms.

Press Awards JudgesThe Press Awards 2020

Highly commended: (News Website of the Year)

Clive Cookson (Science Journalist of the Year)

Leslie Hook (Environmental Journalist of the Year)

Tim Harford (Specialist Journalist of the Year)

David Lee (Technology Journalist of the Year)

George Parker (Political Reporter of the Year)

Tom Robbins (Travel Journalist of the Year)

More information about the Press Awards 2020 is available on the Society of Editors website.

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