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FT remains Europe’s most important business read in latest Ipsos study

The Financial Times has been named Europe’s leading business publication in the 2017 Global Business Influencers survey (GBI) from Ipsos MORI for the second year running.

Over half of the world’s top two million business influencers named the FT as the most important business read in Europe (54.5%), followed by The Economist (48%), and The Wall Street Journal (42.7%). The Financial Times was also identified as having the highest brand reach of any international publication in Europe, (52%)* with a ten point lead ahead of Time (42%), and The Economist (40%).

Enzo Diliberto, global insight director at the Financial Times, said: “The results of the latest GBI survey underpin the strength of the FT’s brand and reinforces its status as the most effective publication for reaching senior business influencers in Europe.”

The GBI survey from Ipsos Mori represents the top 0.5% of the working population of senior business decision makers. The survey covers international publications, digital and social media and TV channels across 17 global markets, and has a 100% online methodology using panel providers.

*Past 30 days across print, digital (incl. desktop/laptop, mobile & smartphone)

With over 125 years as one of the world’s leading news and information organisations, the FT provides businesses, governments and education institutions across the globe, with award-winning journalism and tools to help them achieve their goals faster.

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