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The FT launches Climate Capital: the go-to hub for climate change coverage

Climate change is one the big economic stories of our time and its impact extends across politics, business and finance. The magnitude of the story demands that it should be a major pillar of the FT’s global reporting.

To that end, the FT has launched Climate Capital, a new hub that draws on the FT’s international editorial network, as well as video, audio and data teams, to cover this all-important theme.

Why has the FT launched the Climate Capital hub?

At the FT, climate change is a topic that crosses every beat and every desk. From the evolution of green technologies, to the rise of sustainable finance, the breadth of the climate change story means that a single, siloed team of reporters couldn’t possibly provide readers with the full picture of what’s changing, and why it matters.

The FT’s New Agenda calls on business leaders to promote stronger corporate purpose and challenges FT readers to consider the implications of major societal shifts. By producing informative, actionable content related to climate change, the FT is offering a guide to a theme that is fundamental to the future of the global economy. The newly launched Climate Capital hub puts climate change at the heart of the FT newsroom.

This is the big story of our age, and one we already cover exceptionally well. But we can and want to do more. We want to be the go-to place for stories on green investing, clean technologies, climate finance and the impact of climate change on banks, insurers, industry, accountants and central banks.

Roula KhalafFinancial Times Editor

What can readers expect to find?

Climate Capital leverages the resources of the FT’s specialist climate, energy and sustainability reporters, its broader international correspondent network, as well as video, audio and data teams.

The hub will feature content in a number of formats - articles, explainers, investigative pieces, opinion and more. It will also take advantage of expertise from the FT’s award-winning data visualisation journalists, to bring climate stories to life in a highly engaging way.

The FT Climate Capital hub
The FT Climate Capital hub
The FT Climate Capital hub
The FT Climate Capital hub
The FT Climate Capital hub

What will Climate Capital offer FT readers that they can’t get elsewhere?

The unique strength of the FT’s climate coverage is in the global nature of its reporting from a business, economic and political angle. The ability of the FT to connect the climate story across regions and industry verticals will provide subscribers with the big picture view needed to identify risks and opportunities, and inform strategic decision making.

US editor-at-large Gillian Tett has previously described the FT as “cross-border, cross-beat and politically neutral,” and the new climate vertical will be guided by these core principles. Whether you’re working in energy, government, professional services or finance, Climate Capital is your trusted destination for understanding the impacts of climate change on your industry, your clients and the markets.

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