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Customer Stories

DWF uses FT Headline API to equip lawyers with relevant and actionable content

Success story

Leading legal business, DWF, is recognised as one of Europe’s 50 most innovative law firms by the Financial Times. Its legal services span 6 sectors including Financial Services, Retail, Transport, Technology, Energy & Industrials and Central & Local Government.

As a dynamic practice with over 2,300 employees, DWF needed a smarter way to bring relevant & timely content to its intranet by matching the lawyers’ professional interests. Current awareness services were being developed to integrate across a number of internal and external platforms, including a new intranet and the business was of the view that the FT Headline API could be a key of that activity.

By integrating a bespoke FT API into their intranet, the widget automatically updates with the latest content through matching the search criteria defined by one of the firm’s knowledge specialists. With a smart tagging mechanism, lawyers are equipped with a customised feed of pre- curated content. It also drills into content areas that are sector or client specific, enhancing relevance and ensuring everyone is up to date in the firm’s key areas.

Goals of the API

  • Integrate concise news from an established, credible business news source that matched lawyers’ interests and professional areas of concern
  • Optimise the use of the firm’s intranet platform and encourage further engagement
  • Enabling the firm’s knowledge specialists to provide and disseminate useful, relevant information


  • Simplified process of selecting relevant, credible articles across 6 business sectors
  • Reduced technical development and thus enabling the Knowledge Services team to integrate and provide targeted information without the need for additional coding
  • Equipped lawyers with instant, relevant news related to their legal specialism and client areas of interest
  • Strengthen relationships with stakeholders, clients and prospects by demonstrating knowledge, understanding and commerciality

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