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What is the difference between an Standard and Premium subscription?

In summary, an FT Standard digital subscription provides an overview of the most important business, political and economic stories from around the world. Standard access is about breadth: individual readers can rely on our trustworthy and unbiased reporting and use a Standard subscription as the basis for understanding what is happening in the world.

Premium is about depth, providing detailed analysis on key topics. Premium also represents the entirety of the FT’s editorial output, and therefore limits the risk of missing anything of importance. The FT’s business, government and education customers subscribe to FT Premium as it delivers a complete picture and informs decision-making.

What additional content and tools are included in Premium?

A Premium subscription includes the global market intelligence you would expect from the FT, plus:

  • The Lex Column
    Lex is the FT’s premium business and finance column. The oldest and arguably the most influential column of its kind, Lex delivers independent opinion and analysis of company news, macroeconomics and the financial markets. Our readers rely on Lex to understand the risks and opportunities likely to impact their investment decisions.
The Lex Column
The Lex Column
The Lex Column
The Lex Column
The Lex Column
Featured newsletters
  • Due Diligence
    This is the FT's newsletter briefing on corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and private equity, sent out every Tuesday to Friday. It offers you insights and analysis, including breaking news on M&A deals which you will not get anywhere else.
  • Moral Money
    Explores the fast-growing, international shift towards ethical, sustainable, and responsible investing. Although it is less than two years old, it has already twice won best newsletter at the Association for Business Journalists Awards, with judges applauding its informed analysis, conversational writing and clear graphics.
  • Unhedged
    A smart, timely, informal update that dives into the most consequential movements and changes on Wall Street, offering punchy insight and analysis every weekday morning at 6:30am. Written by the FT’s US finance editor, Robert Armstrong it marries hard facts with strong opinions, cutting through the noise.
  • Trade Secrets
    The FT’s must-read weekly briefing on the changing face of international trade and globalisation. At a time when the global trading system is under threat, the US and China are battling each other on trade, and the UK is struggling to detach from the EU, Trade Secrets reports, explains and analyses one of the most important stories in the world. Written by leading FT trade specialists, including Alan Beattie and James Politi, Trade Secrets takes readers behind the scenes of crucial negotiations and disputes.

Moral Money is absolutely excellent and Free Lunch is the best economics summary in the market.

Peter WestawayChief Economist and Head of Investment Strategy, Vanguard
Additional Premium briefings
  • Martin Sandbu's Free Lunch
    Your expert weekly guide to the global economic policy debate, written by our European Economics Commentator
  • Britain After Brexit
    Don't miss Peter Foster’s essential guide to the latest developments, post-Brexit, with original weekly insights - every week
  • Europe Express
    Europe Express dives into the most important topics in European politics and policy keeping you up to date with exclusive news and analysis every weekday
  • Business School Insider
    Keep up to date with business education, training and career development.
  • The Future of Money
    US banking correspondents bring readers expert reporting & analysis on the world of fintech
  • Energy Source
    Original reporting, scoops, exclusive interviews and insightful takes on everything from oil prices to presidential energy policies
  • FT Swamp Notes
    Your twice weekly newsletter on the intersection of money and power in US politics with top writers Edward Luce and Rana Foroohar.
  • City Bulletin
    Be ready when the London market opens, with Bryce Elder’s pre-market update and commentary
  • Cryptofinance
    A new hub and weekly newsletter on providing insightful and trustworthy intelligence on the crypto market as well as the broader digital finance industry
  • Scoreboard
    Your must-read newsletter analysing the business of sport
  • Full Disclosure
    Legal stories from the courtroom to law enforcement & the business of law
Tools and services
  • Third party channel access*
    Premium subscribers on group licences are able to access FT journalism via over 60 third party platforms, enabling users to receive alerts and undertake research easily across multiple sources of information.
  • ePaper
    A digital replica of the printed newspaper. Download it to read stories exactly as they appear in print, on your smartphone, laptop or tablet.
  • Gift Articles
    Share 20 articles a month with anyone who does not have an subscription.
  • Highlighting*
    FT readers can now highlight key points from FT articles and save them so they’re easy to find and return to.

    *Only available to subscribers who are part of an FT Group Subscription.

An FT Group Subscription extracts the intelligence that’s relevant to your business and delivers it via the media and technologies that suit you best, saving you time and keeping you informed on what matters.

For more information about how the Financial Times can help your organisation or to request a free 30 day trial, please get in touch.

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