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Welcome to Cryptofinance - the FT’s new hub and newsletter dedicated to digital assets

The digital asset industry continues to shake up mainstream finance, and while this monetary revolution does represent risks for businesses and financial institutions alike, there are also vast opportunities in everything from real estate and art to innovative new financial products.

Investors, business executives and policymakers require thoughtful, balanced coverage on the topic of digital finance. The FT has therefore launched Cryptofinance - a new hub and weekly newsletter devoted to shining a light on the digital asset industry and providing insightful and trustworthy intelligence on the crypto market as well as the broader digital finance industry.

What is the FT Cryptofinance hub?

The Cryptofinance hub is the new go-to destination on for understanding the digital asset industry, including coverage of cryptofinance-related tech, financing, corporate acquisitions, as well as regulation and innovation.

The hub focuses on original news and analysis and subscribers can expect a range of content that includes:

  • Continued news, analysis, and scoops
  • Deep dives and investigations
  • Digital assets dashboard
  • Reference products, like guides, glossaries and explainers

The easy-to-navigate hub helps its audience understand what is most important now as it’s curated by a team of expert FT editors. Cryptofinance isn’t looking to keep up in a battle for cheap clicks - it’s about producing highly impactful and engaging content.

Cryptofinance - the new weekly newsletter

As well as the new hub, the FT has also launched a weekly Premium newsletter, written by digital asset correspondent, Scott Chipolina. The newsletter pulls back the curtain on the crypto industry, offering incisive news and analysis that cuts through the hyperbole and jargon.

The ultimate aim of the newsletter is to provide subscribers with the key takeaways and truly unmissable stories, both from the FT and elsewhere, all in one email, once a week. The deluge of content and information about crypto and digital finance is such that even experts on the topic find themselves overwhelmed. This newsletter is the trustworthy, illuminating signal in the crypto noise.

Who should be interested in Cryptofinance?

Regulatory overhaul, the development of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), the rise of cybercrime, stablecoins, innovation in cross-border retail and wholesale payments infrastructure, and the ‘institutionalisation’ of crypto investing, are just some of the critical challenges that are forcing businesses and policymakers to think differently and change the way they operate.

The Cryptofinance hub and newsletter aren’t just for financial institutions and regulators. Any business leaders and advisers who are interested in the impact of digital assets, blockchain and other crypto-related issues on business will also find a home here.

The FT is perfect for helping us refer to technology from a global perspective, establishing and connecting dots between regions. It doesn’t just focus on Silicon Valley tech - it talks about technology transformation, looking at the tech implications for every business in areas from blockchain to retail to AI.

Jonathan KewleyCo-Head of Tech Group, Clifford Chance

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