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Commentary, Opinion and Analysis: valued content for our readers

We like to keep our readers interested and business customers equipped with insightful opinion, commentary and analysis.

From Instant Insights to The Big Read and coverage in emerging markets for example, there’s always room for either more enjoyable or analytical reading. And this is what we strive to do, equip our readers with interesting, yet useful trustworthy information that can be used to shape or drive business decisions.

With viewpoints across the globe, from over 600 connected and award-winning journalists, rarely does any important political, business or financial news go amiss. In-depth pieces and often long-running political or economic themes are critical to our audience such as Brexit which spawns commentary, series pieces or ever-green articles. Often, they will highly resonate with audience who will take direct action and even influence what we publish:

As an example, last month, Shari Daneshkhu’s news story about British farmers preparing for the end of direct subsidies after Brexit had received nearly 23,000 unique visitors and hundreds of intelligent comments, many from actual farmers who were directly concerned. In this instance, we partnered with the Comment desk to commission a story from one of the most interesting farmer commenters in the thread. Although he wanted to maintain his anonymity in the comments, his subsequent published piece received 10,000 page views and carried the conversation ahead with 150 more quality comments.

What I like to do is sharing of opinions, comments and analysis . The confrontation of different opinions is very valuable. To see what others are saying, putting into perspective with events, i.e. world economic forum, mixed sources of information or thinking in order to spot what becomes crucial or to anticipate what is coming ahead. You had a very interesting article about prediction not long ago - thought it was a fantastic article and keeping your skin in the game!

Dominque VelterStrategic Marketing Manager, Compagnie Financiere Tradition, Viel Group

This ‘all-round’ view and opinions or analysis from many other leaders, influential individuals, writers and contributors is something that the FT takes pride in, but also aims to deliver a global view for the customer. It enables them to have intelligent conversations, drive decisions and maintain strong business acumen skills.

The Big Read” is the best introductory book. It tells us not only what is the most important story in today's world but also why and what will happen next. I always recommend my team and especially junior members to read through them. FT helps us to obtain global perspective. We need unbiased insightful analysis and many-sided opinions since our clients are located all over the world (for instance, energy sector). We always look at bigger picture and it is the key of globalisation and success.

Mr Takeshi KiriyamaDevelopment Bank of Japan, General Manager, Economic and Industrial Research Department

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