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Jun 2016

Your trusted guide to navigating a post-Brexit world


On the 25th June 2016, the day after the Brexit results were announced, we had 5.4 million page views- 32% more than the Lehmann crisis. And this week alone, 53 interviews with our FT journalists has reached 47 million people. This is testament to the impact of Brexit and how businesses are continuing to do some soul-searching to keep their entities alive; as well as the country and international economies who are looking to survive through uncertain and volatile times...

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Oct 2015

Improve professional development with the FT’s learning & development solutions


Typically, from a student in an academic environment to a veteran in a well established organisation, continuous professional development is critical to the success of the individual and organisation.

The nature of ever-changing global and volatile markets demands agility and for people and firms to keep on top, remain sharp and competitive.

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