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Jul 2016

Brexit: 7 ways your team can stay informed

08:08 in General | tips

The result of the United Kingdom’s EU Referendum sent shockwaves around the world, moving markets and challenging the world order as know it.

Our recent post on navigating a post-Brexit world highlighted how organisations operating in or with the UK and the EU need trusted insight and analysis now more than ever, as new twists and turns unfold each day. 

So here are seven ways the Financial Times will keep you and your team on top of all the latest Brexit developments and the implications for Britain, the EU and the global economy.

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May 2016

New on NextFT: send or gift an article


Good news for NextFT users

We often hear from customers that the share-by-email and gift article features on are invaluable tools for knowledge sharing within teams, but are also a means to demonstrate to clients that they have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to their business and the global factors which could have an impact.

So we are pleased to announce...

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Feb 2016

Six reasons to try the new


Over the past few months we have been busy developing our new website. The new site is already available to use, simply visit and click on the green bar below the homepage menu, or you can opt in here.

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Oct 2015

What is workflow integration and how can the FT Headline API help?


Most individuals and business teams can think of ‘workflow’ as the daily steps and tasks they undertake in order to complete their projects and job. Workflow integration is the process or supporting framework which aims to help improve the workflow itself, whether through processes, content and technology or a combination of all.

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Sep 2015

Using FT topic pages to your advantage

09:00 in General | tips

Do you know how many new articles are published on every day?

The answer is around 500. Did you guess correctly?

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