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Being agile brings business efficiency and better strategic plans

Often it can be difficult to navigate volatile markets and the need for the right intelligence and market analysis at the right time is more apparent than ever.

Many senior managers and executives face the challenge of growing the business, remaining strategic and running the business efficiently.

Supported by the need for access to reliable market intelligence and tools to enhance business decision making, the FT conducted a report which includes a range of suggestions and examples of how FT’s news service can help senior management teams overcome these challenges.

It draws upon over 2,000 opinions of key business leaders and opinion formers from three key surveys and qualitative interviews. The main theme looks at how leaders can stay agile and obtain a degree of foresight by keeping a pulse on trends, changes and economic conditions with the FT.

FT: The global choice for business insights

Moving beyond surface level, it can delve deep into commentary and analysis, even management advice coverage, with examples of solutions to challenges ranging from how to react to rivals’ product launches to how to break into a new market sector.

“Factual, concise content is what you get [from the FT]. But you also have the option of deeper analysis – not just the what, but the why too; some research sources are a bit superficial, but what you read in the FT has more substance and detail, which is what we need to form a solid strategy.” Lawrence Chapman,Senior Manager, Retail Sector

Receiving these types of insights on an up-to-the minute basis is key for executives as they grapple with the fast-changing nature of their competition in today’s marketplace.

“It really strengthens my position as a strategic adviser – in my sector it would mean that I have less of a competitive edge if I didn’t read the FT,” says a strategic marketing manager at a leading finance company in Paris.

To find out why almost 8 in 10 respondents turn to traditional publishers such as the FT to inform business decisions, download the report here.

With over 125 years as one of the world’s leading news and information organisations, the FT provides businesses, governments and education institutions across the globe, with award-winning journalism and tools to help them achieve their goals faster.

For more information about how the Financial Times can help your organisation or to request a free trial, please get in touch.

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