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Activate a 30-day free trial of FT Enterprise Sharing for your organisation

Administrators of their organisation’s FT Group Subscription can now enable everyone on their subscription to try Enterprise Sharing for 30 days. To activate a free trial, simply visit the ‘Discover More’ page on Enterprise Tools and switch on access.

What is Enterprise Sharing?

Enterprise Sharing is a relatively new tool that allows those with an FT Group Subscription to share FT article links with individuals and groups, irrespective of whether they have an account.

With Enterprise Sharing, users can share articles with clients, colleagues and other third parties more widely than the existing Gift Article feature allows. This add-on helps business, government and education subscribers share a greater volume of content both internally and externally.

I like to share FT articles with colleagues who also share articles with me. It's a helpful way to exchange information and helps us to be on the same page.

Ivelin DorovskiDirector of Portfolio Risk, British International Investment

How do you activate the free trial for users?

Administrators can enable immediate access to Enterprise Sharing for everyone on their subscription by visiting the Discover More page on the Enterprise Tools platform. Here, you can scroll down to ‘Add ons’ and activate a free 30-day trial.


Once you have activated Enterprise Sharing, your status for the trial will be updated and stats from the trial will be visible in your 'Usage Insights'. As an admin, you get full visibility, including the share link budget, views per article and the number of links used by users on your subscription.


Why should you activate Enterprise Sharing as an add-on?

Enterprise Sharing helps businesses relay important information to clients at the right time. Timely, informed advice helps build brand credibility as clients can leverage opportunities and mitigate the impact of potential risks. Providing users on your subscription with access to Enterprise Sharing allows them to strengthen client relationships in the long run.

A day rarely passes when we do not share articles by FT journalists to provide and provoke valuable discussion points, both within the firm and externally with clients.

Neil HedgesChairman, Headland Consultancy

Enterprise Sharing helps users optimise their use of market intelligence by making it easier to exchange relevant FT content with each other. Although an FT Group Subscription enables you to gift a certain number of articles per month, Enterprise Sharing allows users to share content more often and to much larger audiences.

Since the pandemic, there has been a shift in the way businesses and educational institutions operate. With a hybrid workplaces and classrooms, it has become increasingly important for FT readers to adapt the way in which they read and share information.

The free flow of information between teams in a workplace ensures that colleagues are well-informed and provide greater value to clients. Similarly, flexibility in sharing relevant FT articles can help institutions to develop a more effective and interactive way of learning for students. Frequent use of Enterprise Sharing within businesses and educational institutions can help boost commercial acumen and spark meaningful conversations.

Is Enterprise Sharing included as part of an FT Group Subscription?

FT Group Subscriptions provide premium access to FT articles and detailed analysis on key topics. Enterprise Sharing is an additional product you can add to your current subscription to share FT content in much larger volumes.

Only those with an FT Group Subscription can activate Enterprise Sharing as an add-on via Enterprise Tools. The FT offers flexible packages to group subscribers based on the number of articles shared, the intended audience size or number of article views required. Currently, the FT is offering administrators of their organisation's grouop subscription free 30-day access to Enterprise Sharing to see whether this chargeable service would be of value to users.

Other FAQs:

How do I activate the free trial for Enterprise Sharing?

Licence admins can enable the 30-day free trial via the ‘Discover More’ page on Enterprise Tools. Simply click ‘Get started now’ under ‘Add ons’ for Enterprise Sharing.

Will I be charged after the trial period ends?

No - your Enterprise Sharing access will automatically expire after the 30-day trial period. Our team will be in touch to discuss how the trial went and what options are available if you want to continue using Enterprise Sharing.

The trial puts you under no obligation to pay for FT Enterprise Sharing after the 30-day period ends, nor will we automatically charge you.

Can users share articles in the FT app?

Yes - Enterprise Sharing links can be generated by clicking the 'Share' button on an article on or from the same icon while using the FT app on Android and iOS devices.

Can users see how many times the links I've created have been opened?

Yes - the Enterprise Sharing usage dashboard provides visibility of how many times article links have been opened and allows users to re-use the links they created previously.

What do recipients see when users share an article?

The person or people opening the link will directly access the article shared without hitting the paywall or having to provide any personal information. After the maximum number of article views has been reached, a visitor who is not an FT subscriber will hit a subscription barrier.

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