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The FT offers a practical way for educational institutions to incorporate current affairs and an international perspective into their curriculums, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

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75% of the world’s top 20 universities and 90% of the top 20 global MBA schools use the Financial Times to help them succeed.

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The FT’s education programme is designed specifically for business schools and universities. It’s a practical way to bring current affairs and an international perspective into your curriculum – helping to enhance your school’s reputation, attract the best students and improve their career prospects.

  • Fully tailored to your needs: Integrating FT into your learning management systems provides a quick, convenient way for staff and students to keep up with the information they need.
  • Real world content and useful tools: Through articles, blogs, videos and podcasts, the FT provides the global education community with authoritative news, analysis and comment, as well as powerful research and business case studies.

Academic staff can:

  • Provide students with a richer learning experience that helps them achieve better results.
  • Help students get a better grasp of business theories in the context of real-world global news and events.
  • Employ diverse learning methods that keep all students engaged in the classrom.

1,000+ leading education institutions

value the FT’s global intelligence

Cass Business School Cass Business School
Hosei University Hosei University
Skema Business School Skema Business School
London Metropolitan University London Metropolitan University
Norwegian Business School Norwegian Business School
The George Washington University The George Washington University

Our goal as educators is to make that link between scholarship and the real world for our students, and the Financial Times is our vehicle for doing that.

Liesl Riddle Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, George Washington University

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