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What do we have as a business? We’ve got our people and our knowledge. We have to understand in-depth the areas that we’re experts in and that’s where the FT is valuable.

Mr Andrew Parker Partner, PwC Australia

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  • Establish credibility: The FT is an ultra-reliable, recognisable source of information, and therefore is credible to quote to clients to build trust
  • Tailored conversations: MyFT allows professionals to customise their news consumption to what clients are interested in
  • Fast information transfer: Clients need news ASAP - gift articles allow them to share relevant insights on topics or events quickly
  • Workflow integration: Enables teams to access the FT with their existing workflow or via 60+ news aggregators

FT special reports and analysis can strengthen your teams market intelligence and provide better advice to clients:

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An FT Corporate Subscription is the exclusive resource your team needs. The advantages include:

  • The latest intelligence on the topics that are relevant for your job role with tailored email digests
  • Workflow integration which enables teams to access the FT with their existing workflow or via 60+ news aggregators
  • Enhanced research which includes charting tools and stock market information to help staff research and analyse companies
  • Dedicated support from our Customer Success Team who help you achieve your goals
  • Flexibility in pricing where you pay only once for access across multiple platforms such as on mobile and tablets

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